IT Outsourcing is a modern IT management platform consisting in delegating certain tasks to an external company – Westtech Sp. z o.o. It allows, above all, to significantly reduce the costs of your company, achieve priority objectives and increase work efficiency.

Our experience and skills in this area allow us to create an effective solution for creating new value for the company. Our client doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore, we take care of the entire IT service of the company, from the delivery of computer hardware and software tailored to your needs and financial capabilities to effective technical support.

The basic benefit that our client receives is the excellent quality of the products and services provided and the reduction of costs due to the absence of the need to hire IT specialists, administrators and by individual adaptation of the offer depending on the budget allocated to IT services.

Many years of cooperation with a wide range of hardware and software manufacturers resulted in agreeing on attractive prices and favourable warranty and service conditions for our customers.

A group of our consultants is constantly at your disposal, we react immediately and effectively to all problems. We provide professional service care of computer equipment on the basis of permanent service contracts. Thanks to the professional adaptation of the service care program to individual needs, we can best meet the expectations of our customers.

Your satisfaction is satisfaction for our company! We encourage you to contact our office in order to establish the details of cooperation.